Our competitiveness is based on constant innovation in all areas of our work.

Agricultural R&D+Innovation

The aim of the Department for Agricultural Research and Development is to improve varieties of Papaver somniferum and any aspect relating to this plant. In order to achieve this, we exhaustively study a wide range of fields, including the following:


Genetic research with multiple genotypes tested each season.


Optimization of agricultural machinery, ranging from planting to harvesting processes.


Study and improvement of conditions for planting and harvesting; previous crops; harvest…


Optimal nutrient needs at each stage of poppy development.


Efficient use of irrigation water.


Study and monitoring of major pests and crop diseases.


Study and monitoring needs for fertilizers and phytosanitary products.


Biological control.

All this is done at the experimentation centers owned by Alcaliber, as well as at public institutions and organizations with which Alcaliber has maintained collaboration and technology transfer protocols for many years. Thanks to the endeavors and joint work of our company with R&D+Innovation teams and with public and private universities, Alcaliber has developed patents to monitor and combat diseases relating to crops and pest control via biological means.

All this is done at the experimentation centers owned by Alcaliber

Industrial R&D+Innovation

Our team of chemists and chemical engineers, as well as our highly trained technical support staff, work to develop innovative and more efficient processes in the production of intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients of the highest quality.


The main objectives of the Industrial R&D Department are:


To develop and implement the latest technologies at every stage of the extraction, purification and synthesis of alkaloids.


To increase efficiency and optimize each step of manufacturing processes.


To continue developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with the highest standards, thus contributing to our diversification and strengthening our privileged position as a fully integrated global industry, starting with the crop field and concluding with the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


To study and improve all chemical pathways in the development of products, increasing end manufacturing yields in order to remain one of the most efficient and competitive companies in our sector.

The commitment, collective effort and high technological component of our activities in the field of R&D have allowed us to be awarded with public institutions funding.
The NALS project IDI-20160091 for the design of processes and optimization of synthesis of alkaloid derivatives is being co-financed by The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) with the support from European regional development funds (FEDER)
The GENOMA project IDI-2014-1240 for the breeding and purification of opium poppy is being co-financed by The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)

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