Agricultural section


For more than 40 years, Alcaliber has had its own poppy crops.

They are managed by the company in their entirety, being fully back integrated, ranging from planting to harvesting, by a large team of professionals and agricultural engineers.

Agricultural Production Department

Alcaliber has developed and managed its own crops since the 1970’s. We have over 40 years’ experience and an excellent team of agricultural engineers in order to achieve the best crop yields using the most advanced agricultural production technology. Alcaliber advises its poppy farmers at all times, ensuring optimum crop development and reconciling the need for fertilizers and pesticides in order to meet the highest production requirements with fulfillment of current environmental regulations.

Alcaliber annually cultivates more than 6.000 hectares of Papaver somniferum, located in different geographical áreas throughout Spain, with the aim of obtaining maximum harvest performance by adapting the cycles and varieties to the different climatic conditions of each area

And thanks to our research and constant improvement, we have developed our own new varieties that enhance, among other aspects, total alkaloid content in the capsule, not to mention single-variety crops and resistance to mildew and other diseases.

Poppy cropland

For the 2024 campaign, Alcaliber expands its cultivation area compared to 2023


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