Alcaliber is world leader in the narcotic industry.

Our commitment to excellence has made us a leading force in the sector.

A benchmark in the industry

Alcaliber is a benchmark in the World Drug Industry both in terms of quality and innovation, integrity and commitment to our customers. We are a leading company: in 2014 we were the largest world producer of Morphine, accounting for 27% of global production, as well as 18% of Thebaine (INCB 2015 – International Narcotics Control Board – Production Data 2014).

Production Cycle


Independence and Global Approach

Alcaliber relies on an integral industry approach and manages the entire production process, ranging from poppy cultivation (Papaver somniferum), to production of its derived active pharmaceutical ingredients, all completely autonomous in all stages of our chain. In this manner, we guarantee the supply of our products, as well as rapid adaptability and flexibility with regard to the needs of our customers and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Mission and Vision

We believe that innovation is the key element that makes us more competitive. This principle is applied in all areas of our business, ranging from the individual responsibility that drives us to improve each day, to the strength of our teams.

Our mission is to produce narcotic raw materials of the highest quality and to develop derived active pharmaceutical ingredients, thus helping the Pharmaceutical Industry to improve the quality of life of thousands of people around the world.

We are world leaders in the production of Morphine and Thebaine.




Morphine at worldwide level


Thebaine at worldwide level

Principles of Implementation

We focus on quality, excellence, innovation and customer service. Our commitment to these four principles is our ultimate goal.

In order to develop our business, we have an excellent team of professionals (Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Pharmacists, Chemists, Economists …) encompassing all the different sections of the company: Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial, Financial, Research and Development.

We all share the same enthusiasm and dedication in our daily work, with the commitment to moving forward in our development and growth as a company. We are proud of what we do.

We all share the same enthusiasm and dedication in our daily work



“Laboratorios Abello?” first applies to import 400kg of Opium considering the foundational chart of the Spanish narcotics Industry.



Spain begins using CPS as starting material to produce alkaloids.


“Laboratorios Abello?” is given authorization to test fields within Spain to obtain Morphine from poppy straw.



Alcaliber, S.A. was established with the aim of guaranteeing the supply of Narcotic Raw Materials through poppy cultivation in Spain (Papaver somniferum) and its subsequent extraction of their alkaloids into Concentrate of Poppy Straw (CPS).



Spanish Ministry of Health authorizes Alcaliber to conduct the “cultivation and production of opium poppy extracts, and to export the surplus production”.


Extension of the initial authorization for the “Manufacture of narcotics for pharmaceutical, veterinary and industrial use deriving from concentrate of poppy straw and opium; as well as manufacture of any syntheses, where appropriate, in accordance with processes already known or yet to be discovered at its facilities; and expansion of the existing authorization for indoor and outdoor commercialization of said products”.


Increased presence on the international market thanks to the company’s strategy of foreign expansion and diversification of products and client countries.


Alcaliber set up a new production plant that enhanced and complemented the existing one in terms of quality and quantity.



Incorporation of two new transformation and agricultural reception centers, increasing the handling capacity of the harvested raw material. The DEA included Spain among the countries authorized to export Narcotic Raw Materials to the United States.


Alcaliber achieved International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification.


The installation of a new purification plant featuring state-of-the-art technology was completed.


Alcaliber renews the International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification.


New extraction plant that boosted current production capacity by 50%. With this new investment, Alcaliber acquired one of the most modern facilities in the world, one equipped with the latest technology. The oldest installation in use in the plant dates back to only 2006.


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